1. How to buy DID phone numbers?

To get a DID number, please follow these steps:
  1. Get a free account in admin.easydid.net/signup. Your will receive a email "Confirmation to activate account". After active, we will sent infomation login account to you.
  2. Go to admin.easydid.net and login with your account. Next click on "DIDs/Buy DIDs/" on menu bar. Your balance need > 0USD for buy our DIDs. Please click on "Payment/recharge", we support payment from Paypal and Credit card: Master or Visa.
  3. A List DIDs not use will show in table. Click "Buy" button at the right of row to get DID that you want.
  4. For manage your DIDs, please click on "DIDs/Your DIDs/" on menu bar.

2. How to download and install Zoiper 5 for calling?

You can use any softphone for calling. Here is our guide with Zoiper 5 (support Window, Mac, IOS and Android ): For Install on mobile, please download from CH Play (Android) or Apple Store (IOS).
Link Download desktop: ( window, MacOS)

To install Zoiper 5 on desktop, please follow these steps:

3. How to use DIDs to Outgoing/incoming call with Zoiper 5?

  1. Each DID is assigned a calling account for connect on Zoiper
  2. To get this calling account, please login to admin.easydid.net. Next click on "DIDs/Your DIDs/" on menu bar.
  3. Select the DID number you want to use, click "Edit" icon at end row. You will see information account of this DID: username, password ( you can change it if your want ) and domain connect (sip.easydid.net)

To use DID's account connect with Zoiper 5 on desktop for calling and SMS, please follow these steps:

To Outgoing Call with Zoiper 5 Click open dial box -> Enter number phone follow international format ( country code and phone number )

To receive incoming Call with Zoiper 5 same as your phone, it’s easy.

3. How to receive SMS to your DIDs?

All SMS to your DIDs, we will forward to your email.